Broken reflection in pool, 1992

Broken reflection in pool, 1992, From Sweeney’s Flight

My tendril always seem to be a few days or months behind the rest of the grapevine, so I am going to leave general posting about novel projects and interesting photographers to blogs which lie closer to the main stem.  Instead I want to highlight photographers whose work has generated a special resonance with me personally, and with my current photographic obsessions.


Turf Stack, Donegal, Rachel Brown

Turf Stack, Donegal.  From Field Work.

Rachel Brown‘s Donegal Pictures are exactly the sort of photographs you are supposed to make in Donegal.  Smiling schoolkids, farmers with sheep, and plenty of hand-knitted sweaters.  Her other projects provide more of a surprise, and for me at least, an aesthetic treat.  They have the same sense of a close and informed connection to the landscape, and the people who form it and who are in turn formed by it, but the things observed are at once less obvious and more important.  Brown also has evolved a composition that is less dogmatically photographic, which frees her to do some interesting things within her square frame.


  1. Rachel Brown says:

    Thank you for your kind words about my work. Rachel Brown

  2. Struan says:

    You’re welcome Rachel. Your work helped free up my seeing at a time I needed it.