This blog’s blogroll is a small one.  Like most others who enjoy skiving off work by surfing the net I have a large constellation of sites I visit regularly in search of distraction or amusement, but those in the blogroll are the ones that regularly make me think, or challenge my complacency, or both.

All are worth a visit, but Wood s Lot is special because it bucks the seemingly universal trend towards ever more simplified and edited sources of information. Although it is cunningly disguised as a collation of fragmentary links and severed chunks, the blog as a whole presents a consistent and coherent engagement with art, literature, politics and the world of thought.  In particular, as someone frustrated by the insularity of the photographic world I find Mark Woods’ mixing of many different visual arts – painting, illustration, photography and more – both refreshing and a relief.

So when Wood s Lot picked up on my Rachel Brown post, and followed up with a link to my Sand Boils photos, I felt rather like a small child seeing the Presidential cavalcade stop, and the great man getting out of his limo to congratulate me on my flag waving skills.

In honour of this moment, and to ensure that no good deed goes entirely unpunished, I have restored the whole Sand Boils essay that I wrote to accompany this set of twelve photographs.  If nothing else it will perhaps help to unbaffle the poor souls who bothered to wonder what the title had to do with the pictures, as well as those unhappy few who stumbled fruitlessly into my website as a result of googling for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Essay here: Sand Boils


  1. Jean says:

    I was so delighted to find the link to your blog, and thence your photo website, on Wood s Lot. The simple beauty of your photos and your spare but personal essays appeal to me very much. I look forward to seeing where the blog takes you, and will encourage my blogging friends, many of whom I know also share your outlook on aesthetics and on life, to come and take a look.

  2. Struan says:

    Thanks Jean. I am glad to have made a connection.