Usine Toyota No. 7, Valenciennes
St├ęphane Couturier



Adrian Tyler



Ruigoord 2
Wout Berger, 2002



River Lee
Dean Hollowood



Apples with red inner bags, fall, Aomori prefecture
Jane Alden Stevens



Revisiting Shiskat

Zulfiqar Ali Khan, 2010




Hillsides, Gorman, CA
Stephen Strom



Copper Mine, Az
Marco Van Middelkoop



Abandoned Syrian base, View of a minefied, Golan Heights
Shai Kremer, 2007



Midway, message from the gyre
Chris Jordan, 2009



Nature Morte 114
Astrid Korntheuer, 2009


Mirrors, windows, walls
Mike Chisholm, 2010



Sabrina Jung, 2001



Berck ou comment prendre son pied
Henri Gaud, 2010



Untitled #43 (from the Morning and Melancholia series)
Laura Letinsky, 2001



Mow Cop
Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings, 2008



Colour composition derived from three bars of music in the key of green
Roy de Maistre, 1935 (via)



Suprematist composition
Kazimir Malevitch,1916





  1. mrs.deane says:

    some great finds, struan! glad to see you back in postland.

  2. struan says:

    Thank you. Not least because I met some of these photographers through your recommendations.

    Most of my ideas for posts have expanded to book length. Now all I have to do is actually write them :-)