I took this photo the first winter we lived in this house and know all the stories behind the minor details, none of which are worth telling to others, but all of which have a personal significance.  A case of the particular in the universal.  In a few more weeks there will be two more trees perched on the woodpile, and between now and then I expect to be fully engaged with three over-excited children, a glass or two of something good, and ridiculous amounts of traditional food from two separate cultures.  

May all your holidays be equally full of punctum.

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  1. Mike C. says:

    A Christmas with snow… My kids have gone from overexcited toddlers to underwhelmed teenagers without ever seeing such a thing, here in the tropics of South Hampshire!

    Have a great time, a perfect balance of studium and punctum,
    best wishes,

    Mike Chisholm